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Covid-19 - Which test do I need?

Traveling in 2021 can be very confusing, we’re going to help clear a few things up for you so you know exactly what to do and what it will cost.

Travelling in 2021: Here's what to expect

Travelling out of the country has become very confusing. Due to Covid-19, we all have to adhere to various rules, regulations and restrictions to ensure everyone can travel and remain safe. 

As this new process of testing to travel, testing to release and so on, many people are probably feeling confused about which Covid test they need to take, when to test and how much it will cost.

Let’s discuss the tests you’ll require and how much it will cost.

Covid 19 tests: Which tests do I need to travel & what will it cost? North End Clinic

Which Covid-19 Test do I need?

If you’re arriving in the UK from a green list country you will need to take 2 tests.
The first test you’ll need to take prior to travelling is the ‘Fit to Fly’ test.

You must have a negative pre-departure Covid test – this must be done in the 72 hours before your flight. However, children under the age of 11 do not need to take a test.

The new traffic-light system outlined by the UK government, with destinations placed on green, amber and red lists, relates to the requirements for people arriving in Great Britain from abroad.

You will need to get a negative test to fly. If your test is inconclusive, you will need to take a retest. If you test positive for Covid-19,  you may have to move into a quarantine hotel or extend your stay at your accommodation, depending on the other country’s rules.

Then you will have to take a PCR test on or before day two after your arrival in the UK.

The PCR tests required by most countries are not the same as the free quick-result lateral flow tests you can order online or pick up from pharmacies. PCR tests are sent  to a lab to be processed and analysed. It does take longer to receive your results, usually 1-2 days, and there is a cost involved, but this is a requirement to travel abroad.

Covid 19 tests: Which tests do I need to travel & what will it cost? North End Clinic

How much do Covid tests cost?

As we’ve covered, you’ll need to take a PCR test 72 hours prior to boarding your flight. This test will cost you a total of £90 you can purchase this test online here.

If you’re entering the UK from an Amber country, you’ll be required to take a day 2 & 8 test.

All international arrivals from Amber countries to England must quarantine for 10 days and are required to take a Covid PCR Test on or before day 2 of their quarantine period for variant surveillance and a Covid PCR Test on or after day 8 of their quarantine period to check that they do not currently have Covid. Both the day 2 and day 8 tests must be sold as a package as per UK Government guidelines. 

Purchase your test kit online here.

Covid 19 tests: Which tests do I need to travel & what will it cost? North End Clinic

We would advise that you stay up to date with the current rules and restrictions by visiting the Governments website. They regularly update the traffic light system, so you will know which rules apply to you and which test you will be required to take ahead of your flight.

If you are stuck overseas because of a positive test, your insurer may pay out to cover any extra accommodation bills. Check the policy details before you book.